Image caption Louisa Marnoch is taking to the lavatory to help fund a new wheelchair for Thomas Grice

A woman is wasting 48 hours locked in a portable toilet to cause funds for a wheelchair for a guy with cerebral palsy.

Louisa Marnoch has been hunker in the toilet in the hallway of Tesco in Milton, Cambridgeshire since Thursday.

She is raising money towards a PS25, 000 wheelchair for Thomas Grice, 21, who has not had a brand-new one since he was 11.

Asked if she might get a wee bit digested, Mrs Marnoch said she would “do a little light-colored blogging and play ‘I spy'”.

Image caption Louisa Marnoch locked herself in the toilet at 18:00 on Thursday

Thomas Grice was born three months’ prematurely, weighing 2lb 7oz( 1.1 kg ).