Tweetstorms are bureaucrat. Eventually .

Image: brittany herbert/ mashable

Twitter is lastly embracing the tweetstorm.

In yet another admission that 140 people( or 280 references) merely isn’t enough for some people, today Twitter is introducing a feature that moves the so-called tweetstorm public officials part of its services.

The brand-new peculiarity is flattening out now( though it may take a few weeks to get to everyone) and it allows users to structure a weave of numerous tweets almost as easily as a single tweet, with a brand-new “+ ” menu that allows you to connection more than one tweet at a time.

While tweetstorms have long been favourite among strength customers, Twitter hasn’t ever cleared forming yarns easy on its intent, despite efforts to make it simpler over its first year. Now , not only will Chirp allow you to create tweetstorms right from its app and website, it will make it much easier to goal interminable threads with four or more tweets via a new “show this thread” option that will “unfurl” connected tweets.

Twitter confirmed earlier this year that it was experimenting such a feature, though this is the first time it’s been made available beyond beta testers.

As the company points out in a blog berth, the update is meant to determine strands more approachable to all of Twitter’s users — not just the capability users. But outside of that, embracing long threads and tweetstorms is just another signal that the company is increasingly looking for ways to help users move beyond its once rigid 140 -character constraint.

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