Site unmasks 84 reports are exploited by 13 parties links between Russias troll farm, the Internet Research Agency, and enunciates law enforcement has been notified

The blogging platform Tumblr has unmasked 84 chronicles that it says were used by a shadowy Russian internet group to spread disinformation during the 2016 US election campaign.

Tumblr said it showed the strategy in late 2017, facilitating an investigation that led to the summon in February of 13 beings linked to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency( IRA ).

The announcement computes Tumblr to the directory of internet pulpits targeted in a social information campaign that US officials said sought to disrupt the 2016 poll and help boost Donald Trump’s bid to overcome Hillary Clinton.

A Tumblr statement said it detected the accounts” were being used as part of a disinformation campaign leading up to the 2016 US ballot “.

The company said it apprise law enforcement, suspended the accounts, and removed the posts while working “behind the scenes” with the US Justice Department.

Tumblr said it is now free to disclose what happened, and unveiled steps to protect the programme against further disinformation campaigns.

The blogging locate said it would notify by email” anyone who liked, reblogged, replied to, or followed an IR-Alinked account with the directory of usernames they employed with ,” the statement said.

It too registered the 84 used words linked to the Russian “troll farm” so users could see if they had interactions with the entities.

” We’re committed to transparency and want you to know everything that we know ,” the statement said.

” We’ve decided to leave up any reblog orders that might be on your Tumblrs – you can choose to leave them or delete them. We’re letting you choose because the reblog bonds contain poles created by real Tumblr useds, often inviting or debunking the untrue and incendiary declarations in the IR-Alinked original pole .”

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