Cybercrime expert Kenichiro Okamoto reportedly killed by man who abused him online

One of Japan’s most prominent bloggers has been knifed to extinction times after establishing a seminar on how to resolve personal disagrees on the internet.

Media reports announced Kenichiro Okamoto, better known by his blogger refer Hagex, expired on Sunday evening after supposedly being attacked by a serviceman he had argued with online.

The suspect, Hidemitsu Matsumoto, reportedly followed Okamoto into the toilets after he had ended his talk at a venue in the south-western municipality of Fukuoka.

Okamoto was pierced several times before staggering out of the lavatories after his assailant, who fled on a bicycle, according to the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

Okamoto, who sustained stab curves to the chest and neck, was sent to hospital where he was confirmed dead. His attacker apparently sided himself in nearly 3 hour after the attack.

Moments before the fatal injure, the 41 -year-old had shared suggestion at a public occasion on how to deal with online disputes.

According to reports, the accused had posted sends containing personal abuse directed at Okamoto and other commenters on the blog. The Mainichi excerpted information sources as saying that Okamoto” had got into difficulty before with internet users over the content of the blog “.

In a send purportedly written immediately after the thrust, Matsumoto said he had continued to abuse Okamoto by opening a brand-new accounting every time his prevailing history was deleted.

He computed:” I am going to go now to my place police box to freely surrender and take responsibility for my acts .”

Matsumoto, 42, reportedly acknowledged to jabbing Okamoto, telling police he had grown to “hate” the personality blogger and wanted to kill him.

Regarded as a preceding professional on cybercrime and the dark web, Okamoto worked for an IT security consulting firm and did regular TV appearances.

Japanese Twitter useds paid tribute to the blogger, with numerous voicing disbelief over the murderous mood of his death.” Rest in peacefulnes, Hagex ,” one user wrote.

The IT journalist Daisuke Tsuda said he was scandalized be informed about Okamoto’s death.” How could this have happened ?” he wrote.

Online personalities and correspondents are often victims of online defamation in Japan, where endeavors are being made to crack down on dislike addres.

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