Twitter is all about being brief, but these users were long-winded .

Image: Richard Drew/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

Just when Twitter expanding to 280 courages from its longtime 140 -character limit seemed like an earth-shattering decision, a marry intruders blew the limit out of the water.

Over the weekend, a German-based accounting @Timrasett, along with the history @HackneyYT who was labelled on the tweet, spoofed the not-so micro-blogging stage to announce a tweet with a whopping 30,396 -characters.

It’s since been deleted, but the Internet Archive has saved the lengthy tweet. Here’s what part of the big tweet looked like 😛 TAGEND

Although most of the tweet’s text has no spaces and it appears to be a URL, as The Next Web reported, the long, long tweet still looked formidable as it strained through users’ Twitter feeds.

The first part of the tweet was in German and said( is in accordance with Google Translate ), “People! @Timrasett and @HackneyYT can transcend the character limit! You do not trust us? Here is the approx. 35 k person proof.”

That message was followed by an stupid number of( what appears to be) stupidity attributes in a row.

Timrasett tweeted about the extra-long tweet after it was taken down, and explained that “we just wanted to show that Twitter is easy to crack.”

Take that, 280 characters.

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