While uttering sympathy for victims of hassle, the actor has expressed doubts concerning the usefulness of social media flows and hashtag activism

Catherine Deneuve has become a uncommon dissenting utter in the sexual abuse gossip that has shaken the film industry in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

Arguably France’s most celebrated screen musician, with roughly 60 years of behaving behind her, Deneuve questioned the spot of the internet campaign against hassle, which in France is coalescing around the Twitter hashtag #< em> balancetonporc (” expose your swine “).

In an interrogation with the French copy of the Huffington Post, Deneuve said she believed the “flood” of social media affixing was ” severe “.” Is it interesting to talk about it like this? Does it facilitate? Does it include anything? Will it solve the problem in any way ?” But Deneuve also expressed sympathy for the victims of abuse, saying the situation was ” sinful for the women who have only that[ way to testify ].”

In another interrogation for BFM TV, Deneuve refused to criticise Weinstein instantly, saying she would not” make a moral judgment on him” but that” happenings might come out “.

On being asked whether she had knowledge corruption or molestation, Deneuve replied:” I have never said anything about that, but I am not going to tell you anything .”

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