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It’s been a very long week for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Dude lived over 10 hours of Congress grilling him on the Cambridge Analytica gossip that has rocked the world.

But is his bark dense enough to brush off all the farces is coming from his canned statements? I suspect we’ll find out.

Blogging platform Medium is no stranger to writing hilarious app update freeing greenbacks that users get a kick out of.

In the Medium app’s latest update for iOS, the release notes take a light-headed jab at the part congressional sight that went down.

We get a transcript featuring a “Representative” representing the part of inviting dumb questions and “Medium” standing in for Zuck with his generic “we immediately improved a fix” and “I will have my squad look into it and follow up” response at the ready.

I mean, how could they not include the “follow up” zinger? Zuckerberg said he’d have to follow up on a lot of things.

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Medium gold.

Image: screenshot: Raymond wong/ mashable

Oh, and in case you care about the boring, more functional specific areas of revise, yeah, Medium includes that more 😛 TAGEND



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